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  1. glenn

    Wheel arch liner screws

    Hi can these still be had from renault the ones in arches and front bumper for arch liners as mine are rusty and look terrible. Looked on RPD and chant find them.
  2. glenn

    Spring caps rear

    Hi do I need 4 of the number 11 in parts diagram?
  3. glenn

    New windscreen?

    After fitting the refurbed Sachs the other day I took it for a quick drive to check there were no issues and noticed the screen was pretty bad in direct sunlight , probably just age related and hard to explain. So the question is are the screens made with a tint and is it best to go down and get...
  4. glenn

    Larger spacer nut

    Hi can somebody explain where the new spacer nut goes the one thats to stop suspension knocking on lock?
  5. glenn

    Who's trophy on location location

    In kent
  6. glenn

    Michelin ps3

    Hi just a quick question are these the best PE2 equivalent.
  7. glenn

    Sachs wanted

    Hi looking for a new set of Sachs dampers if anybody knows of any.
  8. glenn

    Bleed nipple size?

    Going to bleed brakes and rebuild caliper but the nut seems to be smaller than actual nipple on top so can not put a socket over the top to crack off. They actually look 7mm I don't have a flared spanner of that size and neither does halfords on the site.
  9. glenn

    Rik perry

    Hi does anybody have told number?
  10. glenn

    Discs and hoses

    Hi was going to put a new set of pads, discs and front hoses on the trophy before I go to Europe in the trophy and was wondering where the cheapest place to get some brembo HC discs and hel lines from?
  11. glenn

    Caliper rebuild

    Hi has anybody done the above as my front passenger side has been exchanged before I bought the car and would like to do the same or do myself
  12. glenn

    Scorpion Daytona

    Scorpion Daytona back box for sale in good condition, collection only from Sunderland area. Looking for £140
  13. glenn

    Clutch replacement

    A quick question when changing clutch what else is worth changing while sub frame is out? I am going to get the sump gasket changed and the clutch cable but was wondering if anything else is worth really not worth missing off
  14. glenn

    Quiet exhaust

    Looking for a exhaust that doesn't give me a headache on a motorway unlike the scorpion that's on the car at the moment:) I have read a few mixed reviews on the Miltek but am aware it comes resonated or not and heard nothing but good reviews about the Orbisound but read they are expensive.
  15. glenn

    New sachs Front and rear dampers

    I know it's highly unlikely but if anybody has a new set off group buys and is selling car let me know, cash waiting.
  16. glenn

    Part numbers

    Sorry if this has been over done but I'm after official part numbers for rear shocks and the tilt and slide cable for passenger recaro,Guy in parts says he can get both but read on here they are not available.
  17. glenn


    just going past the angel tonight
  18. glenn


    picked it up Friday and absolutely loving it
  19. glenn

    trophy wanted

    Hi im looking for a very clean trophy 20k to 30k miles been to look at a couple that were described as mint but were not very clean thanks
  20. glenn

    ds cars

    hi does anybody live near ds cars in lichfield staffs ?
  21. glenn


    just thought i would say hi ive put a deposit down on 428 from lookers should be collecting it on the 29th of this month as there doing the timing and aux belt before i pick it up :D
  22. glenn

    clio 200 cup swap for trophy

    Hi im selling my black 200 cup with recaros,speedlines and aircon added its got 7500 miles on the clock and is 7 or 8 months old looking for a swap plus cash my way with a good low mileage trophy with belts done if possible to save selling then looking for a trophy any questions or pics pm me...