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    Trophy Wanted...again....sub 60k miles

    Looking for a cherished T with low miles, fsh and in very good condition. Money waiting for the right car but i am fussy! It will be going to an RS enthusiast and be thoroughly spoilt. Many thanks Neil
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    Trophy Turinis

    1 Original Trophy Speedline Turini with Michelin Pe2 tyre, both never been used and as new. 1 Trophy Speedline Turini sourced from Renault with the correct ET offset, still boxed and brand new. (has raised markings) Collection preferred or you arrange courier arrangements. £275 the pair
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    Trophy No: 140 36k miles

    This pains me, but a recent divorce and a new house purchase necessitates it; I've owned two of these and it'll be sorely missed. This is a very special example: 36,000 miles 1 previous, retired owner to 2012 and 18k miles Full service history with no expense spared MOT until end November...
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    Vent control panel 'pealing'

    I've just noticed that the dark blue finish is beginning to crack, leaving the white plastic exposed. Does anyone know the part number for this ventilation control panel and how easy it is to replace please?
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    Trophy preserver

    Ordered for March 1st, really quite excited . 24 months, 9k pa, breakdown, tax with DAB too: 1x£349. 23x£148 incl VAT. fuel saving and T preservation justifies it alone. Have a feeling I won't wang to give it back.
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    Turns 30 today !

    30k will notch up on the way home tonight!
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    Snappy Customer

    Look and finish is awesome.
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    172 phase 1 alloy gear knob

    If you have one or know of one for sale please let me know. Must be in excellent condition. many thanks Neil
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    Oe's 2 ps3's

    Looking to change the orginals to PS3's, does anyone know of any tempting deals?? Does the forum get a discount from the likes of Camskill/Blackcircle, etc ?? Cheers
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    Sawbridgeworth, Herts.

    At guy at work said you park in Station Road most days?
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    Glove box door replacement

    Easy?? I have acquired a scratch on mine and it's bugging me to the point that i've tried various sticker designs to try and cover it up but with not much success:mad: Cheers
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    World Series at Silverstone

    Is it happening this year as its not listed on the website?
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    New T bro

    Dust on the T is from our road crumbling after the icy weather:mad:
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    The Black Keys Tickets, O2 Arena

    We can no longer make it and we're gutted, they are fantastic live, i've seen them twice before at Brixton Academy. 3 No Tickets O2 London Arena, 12th December, 2012. Block 420 Row S From 933 To 935 It'll be a great gig. They were £105 all in, open to offers. Many thanks Neil
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    Wheel melt

    Just wonderd what the main cause of the steering wheel melt problem is? I presume it's the sun's rays beating down on it, making it hot and causing the material to deform or is it the UV's prematurely ageing the leather? Just wondering whether to park it with the windcsreen facng away from the...
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    Front speaker upgrade

    Just looking for an upgrade on the standard setup but want to retain the oem head unit, does anyone have any recomendations at all? I've been suggested the below, any good and more improtantly, will they be easy to intsall? Helix Blue B52C £49.99...
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    Low mileage T

    Looking to get back in one and require a low mileage, as best I can get example. If anyone's considering selling or know's of one for sale please get in touch. Many thanks Neil (formerly #93)
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    Motors TV

    Ford Fiesta Challenge from Snetterton. Parked on the bank next to a yellow mini. Had a fair bit of air time as there was an incident in front of it. Looked great.
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    Trophy 093 for sale

    24k, just serviced, mot'd, taxed and two new front tyres. Absoultely prsitine example that has been permagarded twice. I won't waffle on so pm me if you're interested. Probably being part ex'd on saturday so be quick. £8500
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    To swap or not to swap?

    Feet are itching again and it's the same old R26 that's causing it. I've been offered a 6,000 mile R26 with xenons for an additional 5.5k with part/x on my 24k mint, new front PE2's, serviced, mot'd and taxed Trophy. Shall I ???? Is it a [-X or a :wink: Basically 8k for mine 13.5k for...
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    Exhaust gas monitor light

    Had the MOT done yesterday and when I picked it up the exhaust gas monitor light was on (engine shape symbol on the vertical right hand side). What may have caused this, will it go out and can I blame it on the garage or just one of those things that happen during MOT's? Renauly want £50 to...
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    Lower Ball joint

    Just had the 24,000 mile service carried out at Mark Fish, but with only 22k on the clock and he's found that the n/s lower ball joint is shot! Mark thinks it should be covered by the warranty but the by the reaction i received when booking the car in at Renault i'm not so sure they share his...
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    Trophy 93 for Sale

    18,700 miles, I bought it with 5000 miles on the clock from a meticulous owner, Permagard treatment carried out twice now and looks great. Only ever run on Optimax and V-Power. Always left to warm up before exploiting. Private number plate 'S3 YOO' included in the purchase and valued at...
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    Alloy Touch Up

    A bad start to the year. Just a moments lapse of concentration, mind on the balti I was abou to collect and devour and scrape! Just wondered if anyone knows if a touch up paint, or one that is of a similar colour, is available? It would suffice I think, it's not too bad and has only really...
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    ERR CD

    My cd player seems to have gone off my taste in music and refuses to play anything! When I insert a cd or press the input to select cd it just beeps and ''ERR CD'' appears on the screen :( Any idease welcome, a visit to the local dealer is not something I enjoy, i'd almost rather listen...
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    Rear seats out

    Rather than swapping 093 for a V70 i'm thinking of taking out the back seats to accomodate my mountian bike, does anyone have any pics with their's removed? I've read a couple of posts and some speed freaks have taken them out I thick, cue Cue, and this will be a good side effect but need my...
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    I'm looking to get my service done and geometry setup sorted by Mark Fish Motorsport and i've bought some of the much hyped Silkolene Pro S for the oil change, but i'm worried this will invalidate the warranty as it's not a Renault recognised part? Apparently, they need to see receipts for all...
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    Just been in contact with BBPerformance Tuning in Earls Colne, nr Colchester, after reading good things about them here on the website and they offer discounts for specialist car clubs such as this. They are aware of the ClioSport but not ClioTroph website :shock: and have set-up automatic...
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    Trophy abuse

    Parking in the middle of nowhere in our office car park has been clocked by some work warriors. The've devised a game to see who can park the closest to my beloved! A mates 'Big Vern' Volvo V70 will be called into action next week.... :twisted: R.I.P yellow VX220 and red VTX.