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  1. Kirsty


    Please welcome @APM to the forum as an official trader :smile: APMotorsport Website: Facebook: Email:
  2. Kirsty

    SITE OUTAGE - ClioTrophy is moving to a new home!

    do i get some attention now ?? :wink: :wink: :wink: [-X :mrgreen:
  3. Kirsty


    does anyone use freecycle?
  4. Kirsty

    Stepping down.....

    sorry about ur dad :( *big hugz* xx
  5. Kirsty

    Getting married in less than 10 hours!!!

    ahhhh blesss! gorgeous pic :) congrats to ya both! u look dead happy!! get on that honeymoon ;) xx
  6. Kirsty

    Day working late?

    i worry about u lot :P
  7. Kirsty

    Pics of the new R27

    dont ya recognize it day? ur up there enuff :p was prob a bit early for ya! altho we did see some film students filming some porn....
  8. Kirsty

    Pics of the new R27

    its part of the car :P not going anywhere... it looks gorgeous as it is...
  9. Kirsty

    Trophy v's R27

    i think some side by side pics would be rather nice :P might wanna clean da trophy first tho :P hehe!! mmmmmmm steve white race suit bring it on :wink:
  10. Kirsty

    NIK - Not in a Trophy but....

    its an r27 :p trophy is going :( new car is gorgeous!! will get pics tonight if the rain stays off!! yay
  11. Kirsty

    Me, a much earlier, uglier self.

    post what u look like now :P i have no idea
  12. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    people generally slag off other cars cos theyre jealous they cant afford one :P lol black is the way to go :P
  13. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    whoop whoop and a beginners track day for moi!! :P
  14. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    dont u mean black to the future? :P cat misses u :P he says he wants to take some more chunks out of ur arm ;)
  15. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    :P lol u sure its not black?
  16. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    course he will miss the trophy but hes getting a brand new car, a lot of people would like a brand new car! as much as i love the trophy i do prefer the new r27 (sorry) i think its more stylish and a bit more sensible for starting families and stuff :P :P not much room for a baby seat in the...
  17. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    LOL @ traitor! u never gonna sell the trophy then? ya gonna keep it forever? cars get older, they get sold, u get newer cars, its life! hes far from a traitor, hes keeping the forum going for everyone just changing his car so :P
  18. Kirsty

    Newbie incoming

    welcome rich and gem u wont hear me and nik slag off the r27 we are waiting for ours to be delivered, this fri i hope :) were getting rid of the trophy for it :) would love to keep both but cant afford to. r27 is beautiful :P
  19. Kirsty


    ur cheap patrick
  20. Kirsty

    Trophy - Liverpool *PIC*

    cant ya put something on his windscreen?? maybe nik will send ya some business cards to put on there...
  21. Kirsty


    im on there (rather addicted) :shock: kirsty briant
  22. Kirsty

    Did we break the record again???

    :P cant see the sticker in that pic and im a bit sloooow sometimes ;)
  23. Kirsty


    nowt wrong with pussys :P wellllll if u hadnt of driven off when we came to see ya exhaust last night ;) we could have had a 2 person get together mwahahahah :P not that many of us in hants anyway is there??
  24. Kirsty


    LOL :P
  25. Kirsty

    Did we break the record again???

    wondered who it was :) nik hasnt taken his sticker off yet! could be fun lol!
  26. Kirsty


    suprised we didnt see u we were right there... 3 trophies in one area :o
  27. Kirsty


    id go with the baseball bat option :P would make me feel so much better ;) this is assuming u know where he lives lol
  28. Kirsty

    Did we break the record again???

    wot would be sooo helpful is if u posted little pics next to ur name :P i had no idea who any of u were :lol: but i remember the faces!
  29. Kirsty

    Did we break the record again???

    My pics, nothing impressive... Me and Nik waitin in pit after lees accident :cry: a load of trophies ;) anyone else think this guy has too much money? lol williams Nik on track: was no decent spots to take pics of the track!! got pissed off...
  30. Kirsty

    Ultimate mod for when the GF wants to accompany you on track

    :-w what ya do for love eh :wink: