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  1. Big Dave

    Insurance agreed values, which companys.????

    Hi Folks. Yes it that old chestnut of agreed value policies again... Its insurance time for 283.... Apparently my insurance co [A Plan ] are no longer doing agreed value policies,, They failed to inform me last year , so ive had 12 months of no agreed value, good job i didnt need it... So...
  2. Big Dave

    Magazine road tests.??

    Hi folks. Does anybody have a definative list of all the Trophy magazine road tests, / articles. Ie issue numbers, or months.. Im having a massive clear out of old magazines, and wouldnt want to chuck out some "special" ones. Mags that are going out are,,, Car and Car conversions,,, yes were...
  3. Big Dave

    T24 PHY, spotted

    Spotted Near Kirkham/Blackpool,,,, just up the road from me.......anybody on here.??
  4. Big Dave

    Ceramic coatings for cars.??

    Hi folks. This is one for the detailers out there... Just wondering about getting the cars paintwork coated in a ceramic protection product. Like the "Ceramic pro product"... Has anybody had it done, and would they recomend it.. As it doesnt come cheap, i dont want to be wasting my money. Thanks.
  5. Big Dave

    Not a T, but a V6.....

    I went to Silverstone Classic on sunday, and spotted this in the car park, it was SWEET.... Just out of interest, was it a factory colour, or has it been repainted...
  6. Big Dave

    Battery size.?

    Its looking like im in need of a new main battery for my car. Anybody know the size rating of a Trophy / 182 battery.? ie CCA / Ah ratings.?Without me taking the old one off. Oh and i have a foam ITG air filter in front of the battery so the battery has to be aprox 210mm long,, ish. Yes im being...
  7. Big Dave

    Car wash shampoo.??

    I know its a basic question,. Buy what wash shampoo do you use , not necessarily on your T but in general.? I used to use the Meguires "pink" stuff, but just seen the price of it now...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Big Dave

    Recaro trendlines ??

    Hi folks. Does anybody have any pics of the recaro trendlines without the seat covering on. I realise these seats come in numerous different cars, EVO,s Honda type R,s etc.. Are these any different to "our" Renault recaros.. I know its a strange request, but im looking into getting a "cheap" set...
  9. Big Dave

    Photo hosting.?

    Just wondering where people host there images now that photobucket has changed there policy... Preferably one thats free.... I used photbucket for years and now they want £££ for doing the same thing. I would like to put some pics up, but have nowhere to host them..... Ta..
  10. Big Dave

    Wheel refurb,ing.

    For those folk that have had there Turinis refurbed. Have any of you found a very close match of powder coat colour to the original Turini colour.? I know that the exact powder coat colour doesn't exist, but there must be one that's very close.?? Im after getting a set done, and have been told...
  11. Big Dave

    Renault logo,d center caps.?

    Hi all. Im after a set of the Renault logo,s that clip onto the wheel center caps. Ive had a set of Turinis refurbed and my plastic chrome logos are a bit pitted, so I thought , if reasonably priced, I might get a set . Anybody know where I might get some.? Ive looked on ebay, but it seems the...
  12. Big Dave

    Front spring plastic protectors.?

    As im having a bit of a spend on refreshing the suspension on my T . I remember a while ago somebody sourced some plastic spring protectors [or was it some home brew tubing], to help stop the front springs rusting, Ive got a set of Mark Fish springs on the car and love them, but as im having...
  13. Big Dave

    Camber bolts, "Eibach".?

    Just wondering if many folk have fitted the camber bolts to there cars. Im not "chasing" -ve camber, i just fancy a bit more "aggressive" setting on my suspension. ie -1.5deg with aprox 0.12 toe out., ish... Im guessing this is a reasonable "fast road" setting...? If you have them whats your...
  14. Big Dave

    Rear Sachs shocks.??

    Just wondering where is the best and most competitive priced place to get the rear sachs shocks from. Ive seen the listing on ebay at £200 is that the best available deal.?? I understand they arent in silver but at least there proper trophy ones... Cheers Dave.
  15. Big Dave

    Suspension re-fresh time..

    So im having a suspension re-fresh on my T. Im getting my front struts re-furbed, just started weeping fluid from one of them,,and whilst im in there im looking at replacing the front top mounts with standard versions, and ,, replacing the rear shocks with standard units. So the car will...
  16. Big Dave

    Braided brake hoses, recomendations needed.??

    Just thought ide ask the "masses" to see what you all recomend in the way of braided brake hoses. Im contemplating replacing the standard versions on my car... HEL, Goodridge. I know some come with stainless ends,,,, obviously better.... Any others.???? Cheers for now...
  17. Big Dave

    Front Sachs strut decals.?

    Can anybody remember who it was that was making the decals for the front struts.?? I cant seem to find the thread. Thanks.
  18. Big Dave

    RS Tuner.??

    Hi folks. For those of you that have had there T re-mapped using the RS tuner software.... Im contemplating getting this done to my T and have purchased a used RS tuner box thingy, along with the Clio 182 access bits. What ide like to know , is ,,,,,,, How easy is it to load the RS tuner map...
  19. Big Dave

    Alloy wheel refurb time..

    Just looking at getting the turinis refurbed, and i seem to remember a conversation somewhere about the anthracite colour. The ones the powder coaters use isnt the correct colour.?? Or is it.?? Does anybody have the correct colour code for the wheels,, without me trawling through loads of...
  20. Big Dave

    Pollen filter,s.?

    Hi folks. Can somebody point me in the direction of the location of the pollen filter on our cars. Ive never replaced mine, so i think its about time i did. The air volume coming out of the vents seems weak.... Ta...
  21. Big Dave


    Hi folks. This is aimed at those that have run, or are running the Yoko AD08R,s on there car. [205/45/16] How do you find them as an all round everyday tyre. Are they harsher ride quality.? Noisier etc etc... My car doent get used much in the winter so im not too bothered about wet grip, but...
  22. Big Dave

    BMW X5 35D MSport 2008,* VERY high spec *

    Well time has come when I have to let my lovely BMW E70 X5 go to a new home. Below is the description of the car, its options and work that has been done in my ownership VERY HIGH SPECIFICATION WITH MANY ADDITIONAL FACTORY OPTIONS 2008 E70 35d MSport X5 (twin turbo) in great condition and well...
  23. Big Dave

    Editing posts.??

    Just put up my BMW X5 for sale on here,, BUT I could do with knowing how to edit the post. I cant see an edit button anywhere. Anybody guide me to where it might be.?? Thanks...
  24. Big Dave

    Extending / spacing the steering column....

    One for the tall drivers.... Not sure if anybody on here is interested , but ive had one of these on my car for a few years now. Its an extension piece to make the steering wheel closer to me, as im tall and sit a long way from the wheel... It makes the car SO much better to drive for me...
  25. Big Dave

    The Grand Tour. Clarkson/Hammond/May...???

    Just wondered if anybody has seen this yet, and if so whats the general thoughts... Not got a fire stick, and don't fancy paying @£80 / year to watch the programme...
  26. Big Dave

    Rear discs getting pitted.?

    Hi. On my car over the last 12 or so months ive noticed the rear discs have been getting rusty/ pitted. I had an advisory on the last MOT about this, and as its that time again, was wondering if this is a common occurance on these little hot hatches.. My car isn't used as a daily car , more like...
  27. Big Dave

    Detailing products.?

    Now then its time for a bit of detailing on the T. So can anybody recomend some detailing products, ie polishes , sealants, waxes, and tyre dressing... I have a Porter Cable machine polisher, and have used it on a number of other cars to great effect. But not used it recently, i suspect the...
  28. Big Dave

    Headlight bulbs.?

    Im being a bit lazy,,,, Which type of headlight bulbs do "we" have in a standard NON xenon trophy. Are they H4, or H1,s..?? Just noticed ECP have a special offer on the Osram nightbreakers, and i might just get a pair... Ta.
  29. Big Dave

    Whiteline rear arb for sale.

    I have a REAR whiteline anti roll bar for sale. Its the 2 hole version. Its in great condition. I fitted it to my T but prefure it standard. Yours for £115 PLUS post...
  30. Big Dave

    Suspension geo settings.?

    Im contemplating getting my T set up on a alighnment rig. Can anybody recommend a good base setting for fast road use. Its not going on track, so I don't want the "aggressive" settings. All the bushes are in good order. Im guessing the only "real" adjustments are made to the front, as the rear...