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  1. Cue

    Renault Spider

    I've a friend who's about to put his unused Renault Spider on the market - it's only done 700 miles and is literally box fresh, totally mint show room condition... While these are now fetching sizable sums, he's only looking for around £35k if anyone is interested...?
  2. Cue

    Eurocarparts sale

    Just info if anyone needs anything.. Euro Car Parts has a sale on - 50% off ave.. enter SALE55 on check out.. may be useful if anyone's after sundries, oil, filters etc...
  3. Cue

    Quick Brake Disk Question

    What's everyone running now a days? I've been on Brembo Max front disks since '09 and looking into the near future will be needing some more - but i hear that Brembo are discontinuing them, although have launched Brembo Xtra range which seem identical but are drilled instead of grooved. Any...
  4. Cue

    Speedline Turini Update

    As I am in need of a new turini, due to a particularly aggressive pot hole, akin to a swimming pool, I will be hunting down one. I'm told by contact at Speedline UK that Renault hold the license for our spec of the wheel - ET45 and centre bore specific. So even for a large order (where they...
  5. Cue

    FYI - Maybe good discussion point

    I originally posted some of this in my trophy owners section, but thought it may be a good general Trophy cost of ownership discussion for newby's and long termers alike. This information has been compiled since I bought the car, way back in 2005. It's important to note that I had poly mounts...
  6. Cue

    Powder Coat colour code for Turini's

    Does anyone know a powder colour colour for the Turini's? The one/s I have are all wet paint codes :/
  7. Cue

    Handbrake issue

    Anyone else experienced handbrake issues? Possibly not the best description, but the only one I can come up with.. Mine has just become loose - doesn't grasp the rear brakes now - can be pulled up with no tension at all... Is this likely to just a brake cable issue or could the lever be...
  8. Cue

    Clio mk2 tool kit, Jack, Wrench etc...

    ebay listing, fit all mk2's except the 182 due it not having a spare wheel space...
  9. Cue

    Gear ratios

    Anyone know the gear ratios of the 172 v 182? Are they different?
  10. Cue

    Gearbox questions....

    It's about that time.... The gearbox in mine is on the way out, or at least the syncro's are... I was wondering if anyone would recommend a straight oem replacement or another one - i do the occasional track work with the car and it's my weekend toy so does get used.... Any suggestions?
  11. Cue

    Eibach Trophy Springs FS

    I've two front springs 'gathering dust'. Done around 5k, been sitting in the garage for 18 months and I need to clear some space. Open to decent offers above the £100 mark, will be going on ebay in the next day or two so you've got a heads up. Brand new, each one will set you back over £100...
  12. Cue

    Fully Loaded E39 BMW 540i SE M Sport - £2500 ono

    98’ R reg face lifted E39 540Ci auto with every conceivable optional extra including; TV, roof mounted DVD, inbuilt child booster seats, fully electric, lumbar support & heated front seats, inbuilt ski holder bag, 6 CD changer, AC Schnitzer mirrors and exhaust, climate control, electric reach &...
  13. Cue

    advice on which 4wd

    I'm going to be selling the 540Ci and getting a small - swb landy or rav4 size 4wd car for the winter. looking at around £4k outlay Just wondering what everyone's opinions are as to which one to get. I've scoured the markets and shortened the selection to; Scubby outback Rav4 Merc ML any...
  14. Cue

    Wow - a week on the German Autobahns.

    Well even after nearly 6 years of ownership this little pocket rocket still surprises me. I know how quick it is on a B road, but in a straight line i always thought it slightly underpowered to take on the great and good of Germany's finest but boy was I wrong. 100 octane racing fuel on board...
  15. Cue

    Trip computer mph to kph

    Any ideas on how to switch the trip computer over to kph?
  16. Cue

    Clio 200 cup packed with options £14k.

    A friend of mine is selling one of his motors - a spotless Cup packed RS Clio 200 with graphite options (wheels, dash etc), Recaro's also - every conceivable option... as I say it's spotless. It's done 8k so barely run in. He's looking for around £14k (just below book price) so is a bargain for...
  17. Cue

    pagid rs 4-2/blues

    best place to buy them and people best quotes? Anyone recently bought these?
  18. Cue

    General question about kids bikes

    i'm buying my 3yr old a new bike - i'm thinking it needs a pedal back brake (for safety as they've never ridden before). anyone got experience in kids bikes? Pneumatic tyres for me are a must also....
  19. Cue

    question about mounts

    what's the best mounts to go for? i'm after gearbox, engine mounts etc - poly probably but what make?
  20. Cue

    Rear Koni failure....

    .... anyone have any ideas about this??
  21. Cue

    Picture of Recaro's new bucket seat

    discuss lol....
  22. Cue

    question about sensors.....

    here's one for the techies out there... do sensors just report or do they control? maybe it depends on the sensor???? i.e. if you get a fault code. could the fault likely be caused a dodgy sensor or could a dodgy sensor have altered the EMS to trip a fault?
  23. Cue

    iphone 3G 16GB

    thought i'd give people the heads up on this.... ... :MESELX:IT
  24. Cue

    5W40 Silkolene Pro S / Fuchs Titan 2 x 5ltrs

    I have two x 5 ltrs of the Silkolene Pros Engine oil (5W40) going spare if anyone wants to purchase one or two of them - £43 (each) + delivery or free collection... It's the best engine oil on the market - perfect for your Trophy... RRP is £50 from memory.
  25. Cue

    English/Scottish Border A68 today...

    I was in the BMW travelling south, you were travelling north - just North of the border iirc.... AROUND 5/5.30 ish today on the lovely A68 out of Edin'gh.
  26. Cue

    various parts needed ASAP

    what's everyone's suggestions as the where to buy the following... reno or others etc? Ball joints Aux belt and Kit Timing belt etc ? also powerranger - eta if i were to buy and have shipped to west yorks? #274 needs some tlc so i thought get everything done at the same time, including new...
  27. Cue

    corneyman in his new Focus RS

    god these things look like they're on steroids in the flesh, well pumped up... can't believe i spotted you so soon after getting it lol...
  28. Cue

    PE2's GB

    Exalto PE2 Group Buy: 205/45 16' v rated. Right this is mearly an expression of interest - i'm not sure if I can sort one at this stage but if enough people are interested i'll make some enquiries with my trade contacts.... Stick your name down with how many you need, i'll then be able to look...
  29. Cue

    lighten the mood....

    Some years ago, Paddy married an attractive woman, Maggie, half his age, in a small coastal Irish community. After several months, Maggie complained that she had never climaxed during sex and according to her Grandmother all Irish women are entitled to a climax once in a while.. So, to resolve...
  30. Cue

    Henry Surtees

    I've just heard about John Surtees's lad - Henry who died at Brands yesterday in the F2 Race... tragic as he was only 18 and looked fairly promising....