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  1. Gambit

    FS: Brembo front calipers

    Hi Guys, I had these Brembos recently powder coated and refurbished, however car is now sold and these are no longer needed. They come with new piston and seals, bleed nipples and pins with clips, all genuine brembo items. All items as pictured. Had the decals done in silver as to me it...
  2. Gambit

    #126 For sale

    Guys its with much regret that i have to sell the car. My time in the UK is coming to an end unfortunately. Its on 89k miles with a recent service, miles will increase as daily driven. I am the 4th registered keeper. Full History here: Service: 1. 10,462, 3/11/06, Renault Garage 2. 21,309...
  3. Gambit

    To Brembo or not

    Hey Guys, Essentially the question is to upgrade to Brembo 197 calipers or not on a Trophy, bearing in mind wanting to keep the car as authentic as possible. The most valued Trophy's are obviously ones with low milage and totally OEM, however how much do these subtle changes impact value?
  4. Gambit

    Project #126

    Hi Guys, Picked up #126 just the other week. Previously owned a 172 PH2 in Oz before with mild mods, and now that i'm in the UK thought i'd go back to where it all started. Always wanted a Trophy and now the dream has been realised. As far as modifications previous owner installed a...