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  1. Mossyv6

    For sale: Trophy Heater Control

    In great condition. £48 posted via PayPal gift
  2. Mossyv6

    For sale: Mark Fish Springs

    Bought second hand last year and told they were brand new, I have never fitted them (stuck with Eibachs). £150 cash from Sheffield area.
  3. Mossyv6

    For sale: Sachs Front Struts

    Selling as in need of refurb as one is soft and slow returning. £250 cash pick up from Sheffield area.
  4. Mossyv6

    Recaro Trendline Seat Cover

    £20 posted.
  5. Mossyv6

    For sale: Trophy 182 Cup Heater Control

    £40 posted on here via PayPal. Both in excellent condition. Here are the eBay links. Thanks Paul 07594361323
  6. Mossyv6

    Sachs Strut Rubber Dust Cover?

    I am sprucing my Sachs up and noticed my rubber dust covers are both perished and split. Does anyone know of a suitable replacement? I have tried standard cup dust covers but the diameter is too narrow and won't fit down the strut. Thanks.
  7. Mossyv6

    For sale: Heater control panel.

    In very good condition. No common surface peeling. £45 posted (PayPal friends/family or buyer to cover PayPal fees). Thanks Paul
  8. Mossyv6

    For Sale: Ebay Trophy with 16k mileage £19,995.
  9. Mossyv6

    "The Trophy Shop"

    Just got back from a weekend in Cornwall and spotted this shop. Only took driving past the place about 10 times to get parked outside of it LOL.
  10. Mossyv6

    Eckington, Sheffield at 8pm

    Spotted you going through Eckington centre tonight at 8pm, i was getting my tea from Chargrill and had the v6 parked up the road.
  11. Mossyv6

    Interior Light MOD

    Not sure if this has been posted before (couldn't find anything) but after getting fed up with the lack of courtesy light in the Trophy after shutting the door i simply swapped it over for an updated version: Took all of 1 minute to fit and cost was £9. JOB DONE :D
  12. Mossyv6

    Hello everyone.

    Hi all, just saying hello and having a crafty look around here. I am currently on the look out for a Trophy, so i thought i would join up on here and do my homework. Cheers Mossy