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  1. Mossyv6

    Jon Foz Lowered seat mounts.

    Are you on
  2. Mossyv6

    Pistonheads Best Hot Hatch of 21st Century poll

    Awesome :) And a photo of the Clio 200 at no 9 that I actually own :)
  3. Mossyv6

    Rear adjustable Koni Dampers

    eBay mate:
  4. Mossyv6

    For sale: Trophy Heater Control

    In great condition. £48 posted via PayPal gift
  5. Mossyv6

    Frayz’s Inferno orange 182 - Back in the old flame

    Top of the grill - passenger side.
  6. Mossyv6

    Mark Fish Springs

    Sold (I bought them).
  7. Mossyv6

    For sale: Sachs Front Struts

    Worth mentioning they were refurbed in 2013 but obviously need doing again.
  8. Mossyv6

    For sale: Mark Fish Springs

    Bought second hand last year and told they were brand new, I have never fitted them (stuck with Eibachs). £150 cash from Sheffield area.
  9. Mossyv6

    For sale: Sachs Front Struts

    Selling as in need of refurb as one is soft and slow returning. £250 cash pick up from Sheffield area.
  10. Mossyv6

    ABS and Service Light

    RenTech is about 50 miles from you and highly recommended.
  11. Mossyv6

    ABS and Service Light

    It’s the diagnostic system that reads the ecu for errors and tells you in seconds what’s logged. Beware though, you can buy aftermarket so called clip systems on the internet that are not worth the money it’s printed on. Find a local specialist that has genuine Renault CLIP diagnostic software.
  12. Mossyv6

    ABS and Service Light

    And replacing a lambda won’t sort you’re ABS light out so you will still be with the same issue and lighter pockets.
  13. Mossyv6

    ABS and Service Light

    Sounds like you need to take it to a different garage with clip before you waste any more money! Where are you? Renault Clip will pinpoint the error in seconds.
  14. Mossyv6

    For Sale Trophy 057 £7495

    Apparently it is still for sale as I had a reply an hour ago, lol.
  15. Mossyv6

    For Sale Trophy 057 £7495

    I knew it was too cheap to be true. And glad you are keeping it Trevor.
  16. Mossyv6

    #481 and the RB182 Cup washed and waxed today a great pic of two hot hatch siblings

    Nowt really. My last 182 full fat, I replaced everything suspension wise brand new and a geometry set up and was absolutely awesome!!
  17. Mossyv6

    Trophy #429 For Sale

    Thanks mate :) They will never be seperated and only sold as a pair.
  18. Mossyv6

    Autumn has arrived...

    Great shot mate :)
  19. Mossyv6

    Speedline Turini Update

    If your desperate - Cup 172 Turinis are basically the same alloy but with a slightly different offset.
  20. Mossyv6

    No 33 For Sale - 36k - £12,500

    This is very true.
  21. Mossyv6

    Recaro covers

    :) Also done three full interior retrims in the past ;)
  22. Mossyv6

    Recaro covers

    I made a set from pleather - really simple if your handy with a sewing machine and cost about a tenner.
  23. Mossyv6

    Potential new owner

    This Trophy has been for sale a long time! You will regret trading that Beemer against this. Sell it privately as it looks a good'un and very sort after. The trader also frequents this forum as I got a shirty message from him when I dismissed one of his trophies I went to look at, i posted...
  24. Mossyv6

    KTR induction kit

    Fatty induction all the way. Cheap as chips and sounds great.
  25. Mossyv6

    Cracked spoiler

    This is mine and you can actually see where mine has been rubbing as per the white marks where the paint has rubbed off. The white marks show perfectly where to remove the material so it's doesn't catch again.
  26. Mossyv6

    Cracked spoiler

    This is nothing to do with the gas struts at all. They are there to shorten the travel of the tailgate and stop the spoiler hitting the aerial and the roof edge.