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    5th Gear To Night 12 minutes onward
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    Same for me about 18 months ago, started with the MAF sensor (the one just above the oil filler cap on the left of the inlet manifold). No better. Then went through all the usual; coil pack, injectors, plugs, lambda sensor. Loads of labor time, loads of cost, back & forth to the garage & no...
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    Which replacement battery?

    Yeh Bosch S4 has been great for me too. Eurocarparts have an offer on (use promo code SALE50) so theyre £65!
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    New headlights

    I went 3M too a couple weeks ago & then put some of this sealant on after Came up almost as good as new. Definitely cheaper than a new set & all being well wont fail the MOT (on that....) For info 3M kit -...
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    How much should top mounts move?

    Belting, thanks Mikey
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    How much should top mounts move?

    Morning all, had the new 'group buy sachs' fitted a couple of weeks ago (thanks again everyone involved!) & since then had an odd knocking that I hope is knackered anti roll bar bushes - fresh powerflex to be fitted later this week. Also had an odd intermittent grinding type noise when moving or...
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    mmmmmmmmm sachs! :tonguewink:
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Thanks to all for arranging. Yes I'm good with PayPal thanks Ben
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    Brand New Sachs. (Group Buy)

    Can I join in too please? 1) BenG (Lake District) 2) Ashtons99 (Doncaster) 3) Greatwhyte 4) Braddaz1 5) Mark (Jersey) 6) 317T (Tom) 7) pete oconnor (Bristol) 8) Woozie 9) L.rose47 10) pj_sibley (Bristol) 11) tucker220 12) dablk (Warrington) 13) Optical (Oxon) 14) Some guy called Rik (Northants)...
  10. J Trophy Artwork - Anyone Interested?

    1. SMJ 2, Mark 3. Mikeyjp 4. TonkaTruck 5. MarcR 6. Miller 7. pj_sibley 8. Big Dave 9. Swanny71 10. Gazza 11. Richard Walsh (simonsays74) 12. Rilla 13. Davooo 14. Rik Perry 15. Feirny 16. Gambit 17.danterzza 18. jimmybrown
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    Clio Trophy Personalised PVC Binders - Group Buy

    Binder & Keyring arrived yesterday, really impressed. Agree, great service. Thanks Tonka
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    Jon, What price are they quoting you now per damper (and is that price from Renault UK or through a dealer)?
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    Better than the quote i got last week, £1400+ EACH! That was after id spoken to Brigitte (customer services manager @ Renault UK) to ask could she explain the parts delay. My local dealer just couldnt believe it after having quoted me just over £600 each 5 weeks before. Needless to say #488 is...